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The Law Office of Patty Thammalaiviroj, is dedicated to serving the legal needs of our business clients in California. Our Law Firm is efficient, cost-effective resolutions that are tailored to preserve the economic interests of your business. If you are a business owner facing a dispute with the potential of ending up in court, it is essential that you have an experienced and skillful litigator representing your interests. We are seasoned trial attorneys with the legal skill and real world business experience to deliver effective results for our clients. While we strive to resolve business litigation disputes through negotiation and settlement, our strong focus on litigation gives our clients a formidable advocate in court.

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There could be thousands of bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles now such that choosing the right one for you could be a challenging task. That bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles seem to advertise their services in the same manner whether online or in print is not helping the situation. But basic knowledge on bankruptcy and how bankruptcy lawyers do their job can be a great help in choosing the best bankruptcy lawyer for you.

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Wage Discrimination Lawsuits are increasing every year.

We’ve all heard the oft-cited statistic that women in the U.S. earn 77 cents for every dollar paid their male counterparts, despite the passage of laws targeted to remedy this disparity.  For the third time in four years, Congressional Democrats have introduced a bill intended to give the Equal Pay Act of 1963 sharper teeth.  Known as the Paycheck Fairness Act, the bill asserts that, “In many instances, the pay disparities can only be due to continued intentional discrimination or the lingering effects of past discrimination”—this, nearly half a century after the passage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.